Microsoft Will Turn Android Phones Into Window ...

Microsoft Will Turn Android Phones Into Window …

March 18, 2015

Microsoft is aware of the power of Android, one of the most used mobile platforms in the world. The company knows that the system has much more market share than Windows Phone because it is available on a vast majority of phones. To change this, you would have to get the new Windows 10 to be installed on any device. No sooner said than done. The company announced just a few hours ago, that it has partnered with Xiaomi. The objective of this agreement is that the device Mi 4 of the Asian can be governed by Windows 10. This would be achieved through a customization layer similar to that of Cyanogen.

At the moment, this project is being tested by a group of Mi 4 users in China and we do not know when we will be able to see the official Windows 10 ROM in more devices and countries. The truth is that among Microsoft’s plans is to be able to get its platform to reach the more terminals the better, replacing Android completely. And it is that, with this, it would achieve that a user with an Android phone could make use of Windows 10 without being aware at any time that their device was originally governed by the Google platform. The user would enjoy at all times the same experience that they can have with a Lumia.

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