Microsoft will stop using the Nokia brand but I don't know ...

Microsoft will stop using the Nokia brand but I don’t know …

June 12, 2014

Microsoft will stop using the Nokia brand but it is not known when

Since Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia was announced, there has been a cloud of doubts about what would happen to the Nokia brand. Initially it would only be used in basic phones, not smartphones. It seemed that if there were still Lumia phones, but not even the companies themselves knew how to give a clear answer.

A few hours ago a leak from @evleaks appeared, a source that is usually very reliable, and although it clarifies something the issue still does not make it entirely clear what will happen to the Nokia brand in phones.

In theory, Microsoft will no longer use the Nokia brand for new products. The last Lumia, the 930 and the 630 have fallen just before the acquisition was closed, despite the fact that they were presented at the Microsoft Build conference, and therefore they would carry the Nokia name even when right now it is Microsoft who is selling them. .

The one that would have a new brand would be, for example, that possible McLaren with 3D gestures. It would be presented by Microsoft Mobile, and as such it should bear another name: Microsoft Lumia XXX or perhaps just Lumia XXX, at least in theory.

via Microsoft will stop using the Nokia brand: the question is when.

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