Microsoft will allow downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 ...

Microsoft will allow downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 …

April 6, 2016

The reason may be the failures of all kinds that some users who updated their phones are experiencing, whether they are reboots, operation with lag or especially those that affect the loss of some applications such as Lumia camera or panoramic photography (a good example is the Lumia 830).

With all this, from Redmond and in order not to anger the affected owners more, they have had no other option but to give their arm to twist and allow those affected who are not satisfied to be able to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1, something radically new to the way Microsoft has handled Windows Phone updates.

So users who choose to continue making use of a stable system, with a great design and fluid interface such as Windows Phone 8.1, will be able to stay with this version indefinitely.

Source: Microsoft will allow the downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 if you are not satisfied with the performance with Windows 10 Mobile

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