Microsoft watches absolutely everything you do with ...

Microsoft watches absolutely everything you do with …

October 6, 2014

The Windows Insider Program allows anyone to download the Technical Preview version of Windows 10 and start testing it.

The main objective of this is to get feedback from users before releasing a final version of the windows operating system. If people have complained about something, it is Windows 8, and Microsoft now trying to listen more to its customers from the beginning, offers us a very, very early version of what would be the final product called Windows 10. But, no everything is roses and rainbows.

As reported in WinBeta if we look more closely at the Privacy Policy of the Windows Insider program we can read exactly what kind of data Microsoft collects about us and how it does it. Once we accept the agreement, we are allowing the company to collect information about our devices, applications, networks, the use we give them, our email address, preferences, interests, browsing habits, search history, files, phone calls, SMS, device configuration, details within any file on our PC, and even the text we write within Windows 10 Technical Preview.

via Windows 10 Technical Preview has a keylogger.

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