Microsoft wants you to control its smartphones with g ...

Microsoft wants you to control its smartphones with g …

June 10, 2014

New Xbox One Kinect won't work on PCMicrosoft would be trying to integrate functions similar to those of a Kinect in its future line of Windows Phone phones, and at least one of these devices – codenamed McLaren and with a bulge on its back like the Lumia 1020 – would debut in the United States within of this year.

This technology is known within Redmond as “3D Touch” or “Real Motion”, and the idea is to slide your finger across the screen to interact with games and applications. Among the functions of this technology, in combination with other sensors, you would find, for example, answering the phone just by bringing it closer to your ear, if you put it on a table the sound begins to come out of the speaker, turn off the microphone when you bring it closer to your body, or hang up just by putting the phone in your pocket.

via Microsoft wants you to control their smartphones with gestures like the Kinect – Wayerless.

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