First serious vulnerability of Windows XP after leaving ...

Microsoft “unplugged” Windows XP today

April 8, 2014

XP-RIPWe have already told you about the enormous problem posed by the “death” of Windows XP. In fact, several governments are reaching agreements with Microsoft to extend support individually only to their countries and the public administration. At least with this, the numerous public systems on which many health, energy and other public services depend, will be more or less safe for now, as long as each country pays for it of course.

But almost a third of the world’s PCs do not, and that’s without taking into account private networks and some of the most disturbing sectors, ATM systems, points of sale and terminals.

Many of them use Windows XP Embedded, a special version of integrated Windows whose support ends on January 12, 2016. The problem is that if they are connected to some terminal with Windows XP and Internet access they could also be vulnerable.

via Microsoft “unplug” Windows XP today | The Inquirer ES.

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