Microsoft says goodbye to passwords with Windows H …

March 18, 2015

At the last Windows 10 conference, Microsoft gave details of its new login system, a method that would use different options based on fingerprint readers, facial recognition and iris recognition. Well, today is the day when the company shows the world Hello, a complement to the system that with the help of an infrared sensor, a fingerprint reader or an eye scanner will help maintain greater security on the user’s equipment. This will put an end to the need to enter a password every time we start the computer or have to make changes to the system, in the same way that we unlock a phone with a fingerprint.

But what happens when we don’t have a team with all this biometric paraphernalia? That’s where Microsoft Passport comes into play, a section that will be responsible for storing your personal password and for later verifying it when the system requires it by entering only a PIN code. All this data (including that captured by biometric sensors) will always be stored locally encrypted, and never on Microsoft’s servers.

via Microsoft Says Goodbye to Passwords with Windows Hello – Engadget Image: Franck Boston via Shutterstock

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