Microsoft replaces the brand "Nokia" with "Lumia" in ...

Microsoft replaces the brand “Nokia” with “Lumia” in …

September 3, 2014

Since Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia Devices was announced, we know that the division bought by Redmond does not include the Nokia brand itself, but only a license to use it for a time, and therefore, sooner or later Satya’s company Nadella should stop using it.

The problem is that abandoning its use is not so easy for Microsoft, since being a well-known brand helps to prop up the sales of its phones. So Redmond is gradually trying to ditch it, reinforcing the ‘Lumia’ name instead in the hope that one day it will have the same recognition as the Finnish brand. Today they have taken an additional step in that direction by starting to rename the exclusive applications for their smartphones. For example, “Nokia Camera” will now be “Lumia Camera”, “Nokia Refocus” will be called “Lumia Refocus” and so on.

via Microsoft replaces the brand “Nokia” with “Lumia” in its exclusive applications.

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