Microsoft OneDrive doubles its storage offer ...

Microsoft OneDrive doubles its storage offer …

June 25, 2014

Microsoft announced today that the increase from 7 to 15 GB of free online storage space is for all users. For subscribers to the Office 365 service the account increases to 1 TB. Keep in mind that the change will take effect from July 2014.

Subscribe and get 15GB for free.

Another very good news is that Microsoft reduces the price by up to 70% in its plans of 100 GB and 200 GB of storage. This is ideal for those who need more space but don’t want to subscribe to the Office 365 plan. The cost for the 100 GB plan drops from $ 7.49 to $ 1.99; and if you want to duplicate … for 200 GB you will no longer have to pay $ 11.49 but $ 3.99 (dollars).

via Microsoft OneDrive now offers 15GB of free online storage space.

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