Microsoft launches its developer program to ...

Microsoft launches its developer program to …

July 13, 2014

A trend that has been talked about a lot lately is the Internet of Things, which is the emergence of a category of small devices capable of connecting to the Internet, and at the same time fulfilling the role of everyday objects. Microsoft wants Windows as a platform to also be present on these devices, so today they have launched a developer kit to allow the creation of applications that take advantage of the characteristics of these devices.

Developers who participate in this program will receive an Intel Galileo board and a copy of Windows adapted to work on that board and to support a set of useful APIs for working with devices with sensors and internet connectivity.

Of course, Microsoft warns us that this program is in a very incipient phase, and that the objective of these first tools is rather to collect feedback and do a proof of concept. From the information they obtain, they will launch new tools in the future, which will be more polished and offer more functionalities.

via Microsoft launches its developer program for the Internet of Things.

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