Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 8.1

April 4, 2014

Joe Belfiore, vice president and corporate manager of Windows Phone, was in charge of unveiling part of Microsoft’s news and started strong, with the presentation of Windows Phone 8.1, the renewed version of the company’s mobile operating system that will be available to users in a few months and brings a lot of new features.

The most remarkable of all is undoubtedly Cortana, Apple’s Siri-like personal digital assistant that in Belfiore’s verbatim words “builds a relationship you can trust, and it improves over time by asking questions based on your behavior. She detects and monitors the things you want, takes care of you throughout the day and helps filter out noise so you can focus on what really matters to you. “

But not only Cortana lives Windows Phone 8.1. Besides that, the list of new features is long. To put a few: new notification center from which you can quickly consult and also activate or deactivate a few settings, a new lock screen that supports more complex themes or the new Word Flow Keyboard, the renewed Windows Phone digital keyboard that now happens to incorporate a system that allows you to write very fast.

via Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone 8.1 and a Major Windows 8.1 Update | TICbeat.

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