Microsoft introduced a new foldable keyboard and universal ...

Microsoft introduced a new foldable keyboard and universal …

March 5, 2015

Microsoft also took advantage of its visit to Mobile World Congress to present a new foldable Bluetooth keyboard, resistant to liquids, and compatible with all major platforms.

The Universal Folding Keyboard is a keyboard that can be easily folded and stowed, similar in size to a compact disc case. It’s spill-resistant, the key layout is relatively standard, and its built-in battery lasts for three months on a full charge.

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity makes this keyboard compatible with Android 4.3 onwards, iOS 7 and 8, Windows Phone 8.1 Update) and Windows 8.

The Universal Folding Keyboard can be associated with two devices simultaneously, and switch from one to the other with dedicated keys. There are also keys for multimedia control, and Microsoft even went to the trouble to include the Command key logo, no doubt a nod aimed at Apple users. The announced price for the keyboard is $ 100 and will be available starting in July.

via Microsoft introduced a new universal folding keyboard – Neoteo.

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