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January 16, 2014

Microsoft extends antivirus support to Windows XP a little moreThis does not mean that Microsoft advises customers to wait. Much of the security of a PC is the anti-malware engine, but the other important leg is to have an operating system that has been designed with security aspects in mind.

“Our analyzes indicate that the effectiveness of anti-malware solutions outside of operating systems is limited,” emphasizes the Microsoft blog. “To run a well-protected solution it is necessary to start by using modern software and hardware designed to help protect against the enormous number of current threats,” concludes the official comment.

Anti-malware software protects, to a certain extent, is what the company says, highlighting that “antivirus programs are unable to replace operating system security updates, but at least it makes it difficult for malware to take advantage of vulnerabilities of the system ”, concludes Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test, who also confirms that security companies, such as Bitdefender, ESET, G-Data and Norman, have committed to support their anti-malware products for XP until 2016.

via Microsoft extends antivirus support to Windows XP a bit more | SAFETY | PCWorld.

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