Microsoft confirms that now this year the ...

Microsoft confirms that now this year the …

May 11, 2014

Age of Empires: World Domination

With the title “Age of Empires: World Domination” in Microsoft they have prepared a version adapted to mobile devices with a title that could not be more accurate: “Recreate History with your own hands”, in a clear allusion to that now, decades after its original appearance, it will not be the mouse but the touch screen the method to direct the attacks of our troops or to erect walls, temples and fortifications, something that will undoubtedly be the great novelty.

The civilizations (and their leaders) that we can manage are the Celts of King Arthur, the Vikings of Cnut the Great, the Franks of Joan of Arc and Attila and their Huns, among more than 100 legendary heroes.

There will be a version for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and although a date has not been specified, Microsoft has insisted that it will be this summer when it finally appears. What the most eager ones can do is reserve the video game in advance through the website enabled by Microsoft for it.

via Microsoft confirms (a year later) that this summer DOES appear “Age of empires” for iOS, Android and Windows Phone | The Inquirer ES.

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