MICA wants to be the bracelet of women connected ...

MICA wants to be the bracelet of women connected …

December 1, 2014

intel.web.720.405Opening Ceremony and Intel unveiled the full MICA features, My Intelligent Communication Accessory, a stylish and novel luxury accessory that truly redefines the concept of wearable technology. MICA is a beautiful smart bracelet that provides today’s highly connected woman with access to text messages, Yelp and Gmail notifications, Facebook events and Google calendar, through discreet notifications delivered directly. on the wrist.

The communication accessory aimed at women, will be available in early December in the United States and will be sold exclusively at Opening Ceremony in New York and Los Angeles; at select Barneys locations in New York, and online at OpeningCeremony.us and Barneys.com.

Reflecting a market study conducted with the Opening Ceremony community and industry influencers, Opening Ceremony and Intel developed the design, resources and purpose of the MICA bracelet for women who are always on the go, who enjoy being socially connected and who they have a great appreciation for fashion. Through a sapphire touch screen, users can easily view content. Vibration-based alerts, a VIP contact list, and personalized quick responses that deliver notifications directly to the wrist, eliminating the need to search your wallet and interrupt a meeting or event.

Messages: MICA provides access to text messages and notifications to receive emails from “important contacts”, as indicated in Gmail. Users can reject device notifications and respond in a fast and customizable manner.

Calendar and Event Notifications: MICA displays Google Calendar and Facebook event notifications, while allowing users to accept or decline commitments.

Personal Concierge: MICA offers smart reminders and the TomTom and Intel “Time to Go” (TTG), which dynamically adjusts based on location to calculate the time needed to reach the next appointment. MICA also provides users with local Yelp search access, including business rankings and analysis. MICA users can use Yelp to locate nearby restaurants, shops, and other businesses.

Priority Notifications: Users can create a VIP contact list that filters notifications and text messages. Vibration-based alerts discreetly alert the user to incoming notifications.

Design: Enhancing the look of traditional wearable devices, MICA’s innovative design features an excellent 18-karat gold-plated finish, and a curved touch sapphire glass display. One of the models features black water snake skin, pearls from China, and stones from Madagascar, while the other model features white water cobra skin, South African tiger eyes, and Russian obsidian.

Configuration and Security: The bracelet offers remote access and locking, the ability to locate the device, and the ability to configure it through a web portal.

Two Years of AT&T Data Service Paid for by Intel: MICA connects to the AT&T network and includes a two-year wireless service plan provided by Intel already included in the price of the wristband.Price, availability and more information about the product

  • Up to two days of battery life.
  • Recharge via Micro-USB.
  • Available for sale in the United States for $ 495.
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