MercadoPago offers its electronic platform to users ...

MercadoPago offers its electronic platform to users …

May 5, 2014

Posada Granja Momentos - San Felipe - VenezuelaMercadoPago and the National Federation of Hotels of Venezuela, FENAHOVEN, established an alliance in order to offer users of hotels and inns in the country, technological solutions that improve the experience of lodging reservation, through a secure payment platform, of easy and convenient access, which protects transactions carried out electronically.

Listen to the interview with José Gustavo Faría, in charge of MercadoPago at MercadoLibre Venezuela

José Gustavo Faría, asserted that by combining FENAHOVEN’s online reservation solution and MercadoPago’s electronic transaction processing solution, customers will be able to securely secure their reservations by canceling through credit cards, money in account, deposits or transfers and Referenced deposits, with the security, speed and ease offered by the brand belonging to MercadoLibre.

In addition to the guarantee of reliable transactions, hotels in the 3 to 5-star category and inns, as members of the federation, will be able to integrate the payment platform benefiting from preferential rates. Likewise, 4 and 5-star hotels will enjoy the status of Professional Users from the first moment of their activation, which allows them to have the funds in a short time.

Faría indicated that, in this initial phase, the online transaction solution will be offered to 10 hotels in the capital, through the federation’s online reservation portal. “However, the intention is to benefit more users nationwide, who use the hotel network grouped by FENAHOVEN, as a representative of the country’s tourism accommodation industry.”

For his part, Leudo González, president of FENAHOVEN, declared that MercadoPago was presented as an opportunity because it offers customers the possibility of closing the reservation cycle of their accommodations through online payment, “this phase that had yet to be incorporated in our online transaction model under secure parameters. The most attractive was the administrative and technical simplicity of integration, the security standards with which the platform works, the flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of each member, the potential to exploit any electronic marketing channel and the constant improvements and innovations that we execute periodically ”.

In addition to this recent alliance, it is worth noting that in Venezuela, MercadoLibre and its web portals offer MercadoPago to their clients as a solution for e-commerce, already for more than two years. Similarly, this platform has been used by other private sector companies and private entrepreneurs, who integrate MercadoPago in their websites as a secure option for transactions on-line.

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