Meet the new Canon XC10 4K camcoder

Meet the new Canon XC10 4K camcoder

April 8, 2015

Canon showed its new entry-level camcorder for users who want a device dedicated to 4K video, with good optics and unique recording power. The new XC10 is a camcorder with integrated 10x magnification optics and 2.8-5.6 aperture.

The camera has a 12MP one-inch CMOS capture sensor, allowing it to have a 27.3-273mm lens in video mode and 24.1-241mm in photo mode. It also features a Digic DV 5 processor which, together with the XF-AVC Infra video codec, delivers a high-quality cinematic image that rivals other high-end video cameras for its 12-stop dynamic range.

The body is styled similar to Canon’s DSLRs, with some changes intended for video, such as a grip that extends and rotates and a compact body for a better grip when shooting by hand.

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