Measuring parameters at home with the small sensors ...

Measuring parameters at home with the small sensors …

December 2, 2014

Clime is based on small sensors to be placed around the house, to be able to collect information about the temperature or humidity.

The idea is that we can cover the home at a moderate price, without making a large investment, but no less rigorous in its measurements. It is also committed to a design that is easy to hide or integrate into any site. A solution very similar to the one presented to us a few months ago by the guys from Notion.

Another issue is to check that the sensors work really well, and find the usefulness of the matter, probably many of us will not find it at this time, but there is a lot of potential as soon as we see examples and utilities.

How to detect water leaks, tell us when a plant needs to be watered, warn us that the sun has risen, or even as a security system against elements that move around, are some of its applications. The developer company – Polish – gives us some examples:

via Monitoring parameters at home with Clime’s small sensors.

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