MasterCard shows a prototype card with reader ...

MasterCard shows a prototype card with reader …

October 20, 2014

MasterCard is testing a contactless payment card with a built-in fingerprint reader, which can authorize high-value payments without the user having to enter a PIN.

In addition to the sensor, it has a secure data repository for the owner’s biometric data, which is hosted on the card and not in an external database. It will also include an EMV chip, used in European payment cards instead of the magnetic stripe, to increase the security of payments, as well as a MasterCard application that allows contactless payments.

The prototype shown is thicker than the usual payment cards, as it must accommodate a battery. Zwipe says it plans to phase it out and is working on a new model, scheduled for 2015, that will be as thin as standard cards.

via MasterCard shows a contactless card prototype with fingerprint | DIGITAL LIFE | PCWorld.

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