Mario Kart 8 will arrive on May 30

Mario Kart 8 will arrive on May 30

February 17, 2014

mariokart8A starting line, several vehicles of the most varied occupied by a gallery of characters from the Mario Bros. Universe and as soon as the traffic light turns green, the fun begins. Speed ​​is almost the least of the attractions because each race takes place in circuits fruit of fantasy and almost more than the triumph due to the speed in arriving first, the greatest incentive is to attack our competitors with the wide range of weapons at our fingertips. , some as deadly as banana peels or the shell of a turtle.

Last month we learned that the official title for the game would be “Mario Kart 8” and now we know that its release date will be May 30, a date that the owners of the Nintendo console will surely be marking on their calendars. Wii U.

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