Mario Kart 8 saves the Wii U numbers

Mario Kart 8 saves the Wii U numbers

June 5, 2014

mario kart 8The sales of ‘Mario Kart 8’ are managing to revitalize the Wii U. With more than a million units shipped in just 72 hours, the racing title has given a break to the Nintendo console, whose sales are well below the forecasts of the Japanese company.

“The great reception of ‘Mario Kart 8’ confirms the great possibilities offered by video games for Wii U,” said Satoru Shibata, President of Nintendo Europe. “With all the announcements prepared for the next E3, already around the corner, the sales harvested by ‘Mario Kart 8’ are a warning for everything that awaits us this summer,” added Shibata.

via ´Mario Kart 8´ saves the furniture to Wii U – Faro de Vigo.

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