Mario Kart 8 saves the Wii U numbers

Mario Kart 8 prepares its launch with a combo of …

April 24, 2014

mario kart 8A little over a month before the launch of ‘Mario Kart 8’, Nintendo has confirmed that along with the launch of the game on May 30, a new Wii U pack will also go on sale, the ‘Mario Kart 8 Special Edition Premium Pack ‘. The package will include the black Wii U Premium console with 32G, a black GamePad controller, the sensor bar and the game ‘Mario Kart 8’.

Coinciding with the announcement, the company has introduced the new Wii Remote Plus ‘Peach’ and the Wii Remote Plus ‘Yoshi’, which will be available the same day the game is launched. In relation to the pre-booking incentives, you can opt for the limited edition, which includes a Shell of Spikes, a pack of three covers themed with the objects of the Super Mario games and an exclusive t-shirt (the latter available only in the establishments associated with the campaign).

via News – Mario Kart 8 prepares its launch with a new Wii U pack | – Online Video Game Magazine.

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