Malware Hidden in Vulnerable Chinese Inventory Scanners

Malware Hidden in Vulnerable Chinese Inventory Scanners

July 15, 2014

According to TrapX, a cybersecurity firm in San Mateo, California, commercial and financial information would have been stolen from several transportation and logistics companies by advanced malware installed in inventory scanners manufactured by a Chinese company.

The supply chain attack, known as “Zombie Zero,” was identified by security researchers at TrapX, who preferred not to single out the Chinese manufacturer, but said the malware was factory installed on physical scanners shipped to customers. . Additionally, the malware was hidden in the firmware for Windows XP available for download on the manufacturer’s website.

The malware was designed to launch attacks using the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol and the Radmin remote control protocol every time the infected inventory scanner was connected to the company’s wireless network. The malware then searched the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) servers, specifically trying to detect the word “finance.”

Via Malware Hidden in Chinese Inventory Scanners Violated Shipping Company Logistics | TI newspaper.

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