Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: chronicle of a tra ...

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: chronicle of a tra …

March 24, 2014

Malaysia AirlinesSince that day, news of the most disparate has been emerging. For example, that the plane had crashed into the sea or that the plane had been hijacked and forced to land on an island in the Indian Ocean near the Malay Peninsula. The only thing that was known was that the plane had been flying for about 5 more hours since the last communication by the pilots.

In the end, the worst case scenario has been confirmed, as the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, has declared that the plane has crashed at a point in the Indian Ocean without any survivors. Malaysia Airlines, the airline that owns the plane, has also confirmed the outcome on its website in a statement.

However, they have not found any remains of the plane or its passengers. The authorities of the country are based on the calculations of the flight made and the investigation of where it has fallen exactly continues its course.

via Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Chronicle from a technological point of view.

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