Mac.remote an App to control a Mac from an A ...

Mac.remote an App to control a Mac from an A …

November 26, 2014

Mac.remote is a simple, comfortable, free and well-designed application to fulfill its function: to control our Mac from an Android phone. The truth is it works wonderfully as if it were a remote control, being able to use it to manage our Mac applications from the phone if we are connected to the same WiFi network.

Although it may seem somewhat limited, in principle, the truth is that Mac.remote fits what it offers and how it offers it. Basically with Mac.remote we can control all the multimedia content from the phone without having to move from the site. Its greatest advantage is we can even add our own commands to use other Apps, simplicity when configuring it and the possibility, even, of being able to add our own commands to use the applications that we want. Its design, as we said, is clear, concise and clean, giving a quick response to our actions.

The list of applications supported by Mac.remote input is a bit short, but it contains everything we need to control our entire multimedia world, including Keynote or Powerpoint, which is great for us to make our presentations with the phone.

via Mac.remote, an App to control our Mac from Android.

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