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February 11, 2015

PC-securityAccording to research conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, Apple computer users face almost the same frequency of cyber threats as users of other platforms. Research revealed that 24% of Apple desktop users and 10% of Apple laptop users encountered malware during the year. The number of affected PC owners is slightly higher at 32%.

However, “ransomware” type malware (malicious software that demands ransom) affected 13% of Mac computer owners compared to just 9% of Windows users. There is a similar situation with threats targeting financial data: These incidents were reported by 51% of OS X users and 43% of Windows users.

According to research, Mac users are generally less aware of Internet threats compared to Windows users. For example, 39% of MacBook owners have never heard or hardly heard of ransomware, and 30% are unaware of dangerous malware that can exploit vulnerabilities in software. Comparatively, among all those surveyed, 33% know almost nothing about ransomware and 28% are completely unaware of exploits.

Research shows that half of Mac users still neglect the need for Internet security solutions on their devices: only 47% of MacBooks and 59% of Apple desktops are protected. Additionally, when Mac users choose a security solution for their devices, the majority of them (41%) make price their priority, followed by 36% who consider the quality of malware detection. Third is the impact that the solution has on device performance (33%). In comparison, Windows users rank malware detection efficiency first (47%), cost of the solution second (42%), and the solution’s ability to combat web threats is third ( 31%).

“Users of the OS X operating system have long been isolated from the dangers on the Internet in a way that they can feel almost invulnerable, but as cyberthreats expand their areas of operation, it is important to be prepared. With this in mind, Kaspersky Lab advises Mac users not only to install security solutions but to remember the rules of safe conduct on the Web, ”said Vladimir Zapolyansky, Vice President, Product and Technology Marketing, Kaspersky Lab.

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