Luxury watch brands don't like it when they ...

Luxury watch brands don’t like it when they …

November 24, 2014

According to several documents to which he has had access from Torrent Freak, several manufacturers, including Swatch, Armani, Omega and Fossil, are sending cease and desist orders to the pages that offer said designs for download, considering that they do not respect your copyright and violate your copyright.

Those responsible for FaceRepo acknowledge having also received legal threats, after which they have been forced to withdraw the designs in question. Despite this, you can still find designs such as those by Devon, Montblanc and Patek Philippe, all of which are among the most downloaded. There are even versions of the Casios of a lifetime, although in this case it seems that at the moment the company has not complained.

via Luxury watch brands don’t like smartwatches to look like them.

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