LTE is already deployed in 367 networks in 121 p ...

LTE is already deployed in 367 networks in 121 p …

March 13, 2015

images | cms-image-000003112According to reports from the 4G Americas organization, this type of technology already accounts for two-fifths of the mobile connections produced in North America, for example.

It would also be advancing in other places. In the western part of Europe it has a presence of 13% and in Asia it seems that it is 10%. But the interesting thing here is that, between 2013 and 2014, the Asian Pacific would have taken the reins of evolution and has ended up hosting some 152 million new connections, which is the highest figure experienced in that period by area.

Thus, meanwhile, the northern part of the American continent would have contributed 64 million new subscriptions to the global count and Western Europe, about 50 million.

In the end, all this, together with the momentum that is being experienced in other areas such as Latin America, has served to end up touching the 500 million total connections. With 498 million, exactly, the LTE subscriptions sector has grown 141% during the last year, says 4G Americas based on figures from the consulting firm Ovum.

via LTE it is already deployed in 367 networks in 121 countries.

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