Live the sport with mobile applications and Digitel

Live the sport with mobile applications and Digitel

July 7, 2014

In this World Cup, Digitel has several options to offer its users the possibility of enjoying a different experience

Digitel is the most innovative company in the telecommunications market in Venezuela, a pioneer in advanced communication solutions that offers mobile telephony, landline and high-speed Mobile Broadband Internet services with national coverage, 100% Venezuelan talent and social commitment.

On the occasion of the start of the 2014 Brazil Soccer World Cup, Digitel joins the passion for sport by offering its clients new experiences to enjoy the excitement of this important event. Fanatics 412 and Caimanera Digitel are the options that 412 users can enjoy.

Fans 412

Fanatics 412 is the unlimited sports information portal, exclusively for Digitel users. There, users will be able to find news and updates on the World Cup, as well as on disciplines such as: Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Formula 1, Golf and other sports.

You can also find: Calendar of games, cities and stadiums, match results, statistics, team information, videos and images of the sports world, mobile games with sports motifs, notifications about sports events via SMS according to the preferences established by the user, among other functionalities.

To start enjoying Fanatics 412, users must enter the portal from the mobile browser and locate Fanatics 412 in the We recommend section of the 412 apps portal. unlimited, users must affiliate through the Subscribe Here button visible on the app screen or by sending an SMS with the word Fans to 1111.

The daily cost of the subscription is Bs. 1.9 + VAT.

Caimanera Digitel

Caimanera Digitel is an application designed for mobile devices and tablets with Android operating systems, 2.3 or higher and iPhone 7.0 or higher, which is already available in the Google Play mobile application stores, Apple’s App Store and, through 412 apps.

With the Digitel logo as a recognition pattern to start the game, users of any operator will be able to play soccer caimaneras individually or against other players on a virtual field, using their device both to control the player and to move the camera. all over the court.

The logo can be downloaded at or, alternatively, the logo found on billboards, smart stops and advertisements with good resolution can be used. You must select the game mode on the computer, point to the g of the logo (Digi) and start playing.

The application has no cost and the browsing KBs are canceled according to the data plan that the user has contracted.

Through these actions, Digitel joins the World Cup fever by accompanying its users by providing them with an innovative and entertainment service that they can enjoy wherever and whenever they want.

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