Li-Wi: a new wireless internet connection to ...

Li-Wi: a new wireless internet connection to …

June 23, 2014

The Russian company Stins Coman will sell solutions based on Li-Fi technology (wireless communication systems using light) in the US, Israel, China and other countries. They claim that it is faster and more secure than Wi-Fi connection. At the moment the main obstacle is the high price.

Last April, the Russian company Stins Coman declared that it had completed investigations of the BeamCaster wireless local network. The main novelty is that the information is transmitted to the electrical device through light.

According to the developers, it also has other advantages: mobility and speed of configuration. “It is enough to install a distribution module on the ceiling, connect it with the receiver modules and the work computers and in a couple of hours you have a work network in the office that, if necessary, can be removed just as quickly”, explains Dariusz Zajac, director of the Russian representation of RiT Technologies, a department of Stins Coman that is dedicated to the development of this optical technology.

Another advantage is its speed. The light modulus of the BeamCaster reaches 1.25 G / sec and will shortly be increased to 5 G / sec. This is significantly faster than the current wireless signal. “As we know, the Wi-Fi network is capable of a maximum speed of 300 Mbites / sec (802.11n standard).

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