LG will allow us to chat with our devices i ...

LG will allow us to chat with our devices i …

December 26, 2013

LG has published a press release announcing the integration of the LG HomeChat service as a Line application, a messaging app available for a large number of mobile and desktop platforms.

In this way, making use of natural language processing (PLN) and without having to learn complicated commands, LG offers us the possibility of sending a message through Line and receiving a response based on what is written. So, imagine, we tell you I’m going on vacation. LG HomeChat will interpret the message and respond to us with a “Vacation mode active?” If we accept our smart devices, they will go to a more energy efficient mode.

Of course, all this “forces” us to bet on an ecosystem of products from a single manufacturer. But it is a matter of time before solutions appear that are not tied or are compatible with more devices.

The internet of things will bring us many advantages, it is something already present but still needs some refinement. We will see if alternatives like this one from LG help to further popularize the whole issue, to make users lose their fear and above all lay the foundations for an effective and comfortable control method for the user.

via LG will allow us to chat with our oven, refrigerator or other smart home devices.

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