LG cuts the price of its OLED TV in half ...

LG cuts the price of its OLED TV in half …

February 10, 2014

LG cuts the price of its 55-inch curved-screen OLED TV in half

It has been one of the sensations of the recent CES, the introduction of televisions with curved screen capable of providing an immersive visual sensation has had one of its exponents in the EA9800 model that was presented in the United States in the month of July. Now its prohibitive price is cut in half, remaining at $ 7,000 still unattainable for many.

For LG, this ultrathin TV represents a technological evolutionary leap similar to the one that happened when the large-format LED screen with high resolution began to become popular, and the decision to lower the price is due to LG’s intention to grow significantly in the market. US market, favoring said expansion with something as simple as lowering prices.

via LG halves the price of its 55 ″ curved screen OLED TV | The Inquirer ES.

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