Less than 20% of IT positions are occupied ...

Less than 20% of IT positions are occupied …

July 1, 2014

The ICT sector is being one of the least affected by job destruction. For every job that disappears in other sectors, ICTs generate 2.6 new jobs. In fact, experts from the European Commission estimate that in 2015 there will be between 505,000 and 860,000 vacancies in the ICT sector due to a lack of qualified professionals in Europe. In view of these figures, New Technologies may be an opportunity to curb the dynamics of job destruction linked to the global economic crisis.

However, it does not appear that the growth of the sector is benefiting men and women equally. According to data from the European Commission, only 20% of computer scientists are women and 19.2% of ICT workers have a woman as their boss, compared to 45.2% in other sectors. Some data that serve to illustrate the gender gap that exists due, to a large extent, to the absence of female references who encourage other women to enter this professional field.

via Are computer scientists leading the bridging of the digital divide? by @GlobbTV.

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