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February 13, 2014

Lenovo ChinaIn the last quarter of the year, the Chinese manufacturer details that its net profits have increased by 30% (265 million dollars) and revenues increased by 15% (10.8 billion dollars), amounts that have a lot to do with the sales of devices that are not PCs. Curious, since Lenovo is a company that has been betting on the computer market for many years, although we see how this is radically changing.

Smartphone sales grew 47%: 13.9 million units and tablet sales tripled to 3.4 million units (largely due to the Yoga Tablet). Adding these two quantities gives us a total of 17.3 million units sold, a number much higher than the 15.3 million PCs sold in the same period of time.

via Lenovo presents more benefits thanks to smartphones and tablets.

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