Lenovo publishes a list of its models affected by ...

Lenovo publishes a list of its models affected by …

February 20, 2015

Lenovo has wanted to completely clarify the situation that is happening with Superfish, the software included in many of its computers that acts as adware since the PC leaves the factory. First of all, it has reported that the software is only present in its consumer range, and never in the Thinkpad family, business models, desktops or smartphones. Last January, Superfish blocked the connection to the servers that were responsible for remotely activating the software installed on Lenovo computers, so no recently purchased computer should have been able to launch the software. Since this month, Lenovo has completely removed Superfish from their pre-install package, and they say they will never include it again in the future.

The problem is now in all the equipment that were sold from September of last year, so if you have one of them you should take a look at the page they have created for the occasion, where the manufacturer explains step by step how to eliminate system software quickly and without headaches. If you want to know if you have a Lenovo computer affected by the Superfish problem, take a look at the list of models that the manufacturer has officially published.

Here is the list of affected computers: Lenovo publishes a list of its models affected by Superfish – Engadget in Spanish.

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