Lenovo and Verizon join forces to bring the Motorola Razr to life

Lenovo and Verizon join forces to bring the Motorola Razr to life

Lenovo Y Verizon they plan to revive the iconic Motorola Razr, Will they be able to revolutionize the market again as it did in its day?

It seems that folding mobile technology wants to rejuvenate the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple are not the only ones who bet on the premium range of terminals. Today, we know the agreement that two large technology companies are coming up with, thus planning to revive the iconic Motorola Razr.

If we look at the past, you will remember how this popular phone swept the telephony market in 2004, staying for 5 years in the ranking of best-selling phones with a number of 130 million units sold worldwide.

The iPhone came and changed the concept of the smartphone

At 2007, had a very important event, Apple exclusively launched the iPhone for the US market. This and other factors had a negative impact on the sales of many mobiles. The Motorola Razr had been a terminal that led the sales ranking for 5 consecutive years but in the third quarter of 2008, the iPhone he dethroned this great of mobile telephony.

Motorola Razr will be exclusive to Verizon

Lenovo, plans to produce the new Motorola Razr, exclusively for the telephone operator Verizon which, as we already know, is a leading company in many places in the United States.

The company’s future phone will integrate a folding screen into its design, continuing the trend presented by other smartphone manufacturers at CES. It seems that even the company of Cupertino he plans to work with folding screens in the future, although this is a few years away.

It is unknown at the moment how the screen will be implemented in the new Razr, even if the phone is foldable, the design will involve a full screen with a flexible section in the center to allow it to be folded.

We do not know what the market acceptance will be like, since it has not been the first time that a company has tried to revive an iconic phone model.