Lenovo and Ashton Kutcher present the new YOGA Tabl …

October 9, 2014

Lenovo today announced a new way to read, watch, connect and create content with the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro.YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Developed together with Ashton Kutcher, who joined Lenovo as a product engineer a year ago, the new YOGA Tablet 2 Pro redefines the experience with these types of devices.

Not only does it surprise and delight users with a number of world-class technologies, it offers innovation that blends hardware and software in a new way.

Designed to focus on a premium multimedia experience, the YOGA 2 Pro Tablet has as its main function an integrated Pico projector. The projector allows consumers to turn walls into TVs or a screen for watching movies1. Lenovo combined excellent video technology with incredible sound, giving the tablet another very unique feature: an 8-watt sound system with a subwoofer. These exceptional features along with a host of other technologies set the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro apart from other tablets.

Tablet now offers large screen for massive multimedia capabilities

As more and more people use tablets due to the growing consumption of digital media such as photos, videos and games, users are demanding larger screens. A Lenovo research study found that 88% of people devour large amounts of digital content on their tablets at home, and more than half of them watch TV several times a week on their tablet2. That information plus data from a group of analysis led to the creation of a larger 13 ”screen for the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro. Designed from its genes for digital-hungry consumers, it features a QHD 2560 screen. x 1440, which provides extremely lifelike images.

A new way of looking and listening

Whether you need to show up for a meeting with your colleagues or lie down at home while watching a movie, the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro allows you to easily view and share content with your Pico projector. Users can project a high resolution 16: 9 image onto any surface and immediately have a 50 ″ home theater. With automatic picture adjustment and up to three hours of playback, users can enjoy two functions before having to reconnect to power. The tablet’s optimized sound system also delivers captivating 8-watt audio, quadrupling the speaker power of an average tablet. Its two large chamber speakers are in the front for a more dynamic sound, and the subwoofer, in the back, adding bass and deep notes, while Dolby® Audio and Wolfson® Master HiFi ™ guarantee a multi-channel multimedia experience. like in the movies.

More modes, performance and software for multifaceted lifestyles

The YOGA Tablet 2 Pro makes life easier for users in other ways as well, with a fourth hanging mode. Now people can interact with the tablet in a new way, hanging it where they want. They can also continue to enjoy the other three original modes: You can hold it for better reading angles, tilt it easily while browsing the Internet or leave it in the lectern mode to have the content of digital libraries at hand. In addition to being packed with hundreds of useful features to suit users’ lifestyles, this silver tablet remains thin and light, at 3.7mm thick and weighing 950g.

The new YOGA Tablet 2 Pro also features the latest 4th generation Intel® Atom ™ processor, which helps support seamless multimedia playback and optimal performance for multitaskers. Also for quick shots of perfect photos, it has an extremely high resolution rear camera, 8 MP, and large storage capacity with a 32 GB disk and up to 64 GB through a micro SD. And with up to 15 hours of battery life and optional 4G3, users can move around most of the day. To keep up with their busy lifestyles, users need software to keep them organized, especially with the thousands of contacts they have on their various emails and social media accounts. With the Brewster app pre-installed on the tablet, users now have an app that controls their contacts for them. Brewster archives contacts from various applications into an address book that merges, duplicates, and even adds pictures of contacts, as well as shares verified contact information with the user’s other contacts.

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