Legal problems for the blackmailing website ...

Legal problems for the blackmailing website …

June 18, 2014

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Kevin Bollaert, an American citizen from the state of California, had the malicious idea of ​​opening a portal called «UGotPosted», which in Spanish means something like «you have been published» and collected intimate photographs of ex-girlfriends uploaded by their spiteful ex- boyfriends. So far so bad, but it gets worse: the website also allowed to include personal data of the affected girls, including information from their social networks and contact numbers.

And that’s not all, since Bollaert had the idea of ​​opening a secondary website called «», which in Spanish is «changes my dot com reputation» and allowed victims to request the removal of their intimate photographs in «UGotPosted» in exchange for a payment of no less than USD $ 300.

via The website that blackmailed photos of ex-girlfriends in legal trouble – FayerWayer.

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