Layoffs and cancellations: Today was a difficult day …

July 17, 2014

As part of the restructuring of the company that its new CEO, Satya Nadella, is carrying out, they have laid off no less than 18 thousand employees of the workforce, 12,500 of whom came from the old Nokia, and have canceled an important number of products from the mobile phone company and Asha and the S40 line (the low-cost candybars) have said goodbye, as well as the X models with Android. The company will go on to dedicate itself solely to maintaining the terminals already on the market, but new devices will not be developed from any of these three families. But it won’t stop there, its plans for change have reached the Xbox division as well.

When Microsoft presented news for Xbox One during E3 2013, it announced that, as its idea was to have a single entertainment center between video games and television, they would also produce their own shows or series from the hand of such famous personalities in the industry as Steven Spielberg, who would produce a series based on the epic Halo saga.

Today, as reported by Re / code, the plans have changed. Microsft canceled the Xbox Originals program dedicated to producing its own series, when it was barely a month after being launched, including all the series that were in production, including Every Streen United, a series based on street football that had already been released.

via Microsoft cancels the Xbox Originals television series.

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