L'Aquila: Chronicle of an announced earthquake

L’Aquila: Chronicle of an announced earthquake

October 24, 2014

On April 6, 2009, an earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale literally massacred the town of L’Aquila, in Italy. 308 dead, 1,500 injured and 50,000 homeless are figures that recall the tragedy. An earthquake that had been predicted weeks before and that has also cost seven people jail who are now defending their case.

This is the story of the L’Aquila earthquake. This population is located in central Italy, in the Abruzzo region. The place has a history linked to earthquakes since it is an active seismic zone and its inhabitants have passed and go through some of small magnitude throughout their lives. But a 6.7 earthquake is not to be taken lightly. And yet, recently an Italian judge reviewed the case of seven responsible persons who did not know how to adequately assess the danger that existed in L’Aquila. These seven people are sentenced for negligence to 6 years in prison. All for ignoring the chronicle of an announced earthquake.

Weeks before the earthquake, Giampaolo Giuliani, an amateur seismologist living in L’Aquila, appeared one day at the door of the town hall trying to warn of impending danger. The authorities did not give him the slightest credit despite the small premonitory tremors, something quite common in the area. Giuliani did not cut a hair and got into a van ready to alert all the neighbors through loudspeakers and a note that warned that an earthquake was approaching.

The seismologist did not hesitate to put the date and magnitude of the earthquake to come but the mayor himself denounced it for inciting panic to the population without any proof.

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