KronoSocial wants to be the superhero of the Community ...

KronoSocial wants to be the superhero of the Community …

December 4, 2016

To facilitate and improve the performance of the Community Manager’s work, Social H4ck recently launched the KronoSocial application in Venezuela, a development designed to optimize the work of digital marketing specialists. KronoSocial wants to leave a mark in the 2.0 world thanks to the facilities it offers to manage social networks, review their analytics in real time and be able to measure the performance of marketing strategies.

“KronoSocial was born after working for years in digital agencies, living day by day how complicated it was to prepare a metric report for each client, using a myriad of applications, which made this a rather tedious job. For this reason, we decided to create a tool that would have it all in one, to facilitate the work of the Community, the agency and whoever is interested in working in this world ”, explained María Isabel Ibañez, CEO of Social H4ck.

The application has three modes: Management, Analytical and Connection.

In the mode management You will be able to schedule your publications, review your social networks in real time, batch upload content and approve or delete it in the review column.

In the mode analytical You have the option to monitor the performance of your strategies, know your audience, compare monthly results and export reports to present to clients or work teams. KronoSocial makes your life easier, all your analytics in a single tool.

Finally, in the mode Connection you will visualize the behavior of your followers to closely follow your target target. It also offers you the option to create contests to increase engagement with your community.

The application integrates Facebook, Twitter and Instagram functionalities, but the team has already confirmed future updates for the future. In addition, it has a friendly and easy-to-navigate interface for lovers of the digital world.

KronoSocial anda is available in, in the Android Play Store and soon in the iOS App Store.

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