KitKat is already present in 14% of Android devices ...

KitKat is already present in 14% of Android devices …

June 5, 2014

Google has put on the table the latest data on the presence of operating systems on Android devices and the results show a noticeable improvement of the KitKat platform. The software has already managed to capture a 13.6% stake in these terminals, while JellyBean easily maintains its leadership with a 29% share.

As revealed by the Android Developers site, which has used the Google Play Store to collect the usage data, the information provided updates the report made public by Tim Cook, Apple CEO, during the WWDC world developer conference, last Monday. The manager of the apple company assured that Kitkat was present in 6% of these devices, while the report reveals that its participation is almost double higher, with 13.6%.

via KitKat is already present on 14% of Android devices.

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