Kia GT4 Stinger: The Koreans play it with a su …

February 25, 2014

Kia GT4 StingerThe Kia GT4 Stinger could land on the market this year. The concept model presented by Kia at the Detroit Motor Show, impressed everyone. After taking a walk through the past, rescuing, on that trip, all the essence of the sports cars of yesteryear, they embodied that passion in a prototype: the Kia GT4 Stinger.


Who does not risk, does not win, and the Koreans of KIA, did not skimp on risks. The sports car surprised by a radical aesthetic, without prejudice, and with originality in every corner of its bodywork. Wrapped in it, a 315-horsepower 2-liter four-cylinder turbo engine. The best thing is that the vehicle could grace the dealerships much sooner than you could have imagined.

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