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Keys to the new Windows

January 22, 2015

Windows 10The most popular operating system on the PC, with more than 90% market share, has been renewed with a bet that goes ahead of Google and Apple.

While the two Silicon Valley giants keep computers and touchscreens separate, the Redmond giants have created an operating system that integrates everything, mobile, tablet and classic PC applications.

It is a decision designed to win the favor of the developers, key for the programs to be attractive, who will find the creation and publication process easier, but also a strategy that wants to alleviate the low market share of Windows mobiles, just a 5% worldwide. If the ecosystem works, it will be able to re-engage in the war waged by iOS and Android, with more than a 40% share respectively.

Another key to the operating system that will arrive at the end of the month is that it is free. Apple was the first to give the latest version of OS X for free, since then it seems difficult to keep charging for software that makes a device work.

Microsoft is definitely leaving behind the days when you paid for a cardboard box with an installation CD inside. Neither is paid, nor is there physical support.

via The five keys to the new Windows | Technology | THE COUNTRY.

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