JK Shin might stop being the head of mobiles in ...

JK Shin might stop being the head of mobiles in …

November 24, 2014

The figures do not accompany JKShin, as Samsung did not expect the reduction in revenue to be as great as it has finally happened. The Galaxy S5 has not been as successful as the S4 was at the time, and they have sold 40% less than expected, selling 12 million in three months compared to the 16 million obtained by the S4.

But not everything depends on the Galaxy S5, the entire mobile division has seen its sales decline and its revenues have been 60% lower in the third quarter of this year than in the previous year.

Faced with this situation, they have already decided to change certain things, such as reducing their mobile catalog by 30%, especially those of the mid and low range, and starting to use a more modular distribution and organization of components, which allows several devices to share components and they can thus reduce their costs.

via JK Shin could stop being the head of mobiles at Samsung.

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