Japan successfully hosts its first 8K broadcast

Japan successfully hosts its first 8K broadcast

January 26, 2014

HD 2K 4K 8K Resolution Comparison

Exactly, if the current format with which they are bombarding us, UHD (or 4K UHD), offers us a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, the Japanese would be transmitting a video signal of 7680 × 4320 pixels (16 Full HD screens).

The first news about the intention to broadcast 8K content in that country is not new. A few months ago we told you that Japan not only thinks in 8K resolutions but also in 22.2 channel sound. Now we have the confirmation that, with its infrastructures, this is possible but not interesting for the moment.

via Japan and its first successful streaming of 8K content. There technology is something else.

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