They deliver signatures to withdraw the IVIC law

IVIC scientists are unaware of the bill that …

November 20, 2014

The Association of Researchers of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research fell like a bucket of cold water the repeal of the Law that governed the institute and the approval in the first discussion of the IVIC Reform Law, which will dismantle the institute as it is known and will create a new one called the Venezuelan Institute of Science and Technology (IVECIT).

The initiative was presented by Deputy Guido Ochoa, from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, who during his presentation stated: “It is not science to be delighted in, but science at the service of the people, at the service of liberation, at the service of the sovereignty of our country. Those are the fundamental elements of the transformation of the institute ”.

ivic_cientificWith the reform they propose to change the name of the IVIC to the Venezuelan Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation —Ivecit— and propose changes in the organization chart of the institution by eliminating the Assembly of Researchers.

After an extraordinary meeting, the IVIC investigators declared that they were completely unaware of the reform approved by the National Assembly in the first discussion last Tuesday, November 18.

In a statement issued at the end of the meeting, they state that “the approved decision is incomprehensible, alarming and detrimental to the development of Venezuela” and they emphasize that they do not believe that the exit of science from the laboratories “so that the people and the communities permanently build technological elements for the transformation of the country ”, as the reform indicates, be the way to solve the problems that Venezuela afflicts.

“No one doubts the interest of artisanal technology, nor that the state promotes it. However, it is illusory to think about the great problems that the country faces in the 21st century, full of physics, electronics, computer science, chemistry, etc., they have artisanal solutions ”, the researchers say in the same document.

For them it is incomprehensible that it is necessary to “destroy a leading scientific institution in the country, to promote artisanal technology.”

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