IVIC: No but yes or yes but no

IVIC: No but yes or yes but no

November 26, 2014

Government accusations have already begun regarding an alleged campaign, by who knows who, to create a negative opinion matrix around the alleged disappearance of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research. Ministerial sources assure that the IVIC is not going to disappear, but the only certainty is that a bill presented by the governing party has already been approved in the first discussion by the National Assembly and provides until the institute’s name change, to say the least. the most obvious.

The editors of Veneconomía yesterday dedicated an editorial on the government’s claims to disappear the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research IVIC which we reproduce below:

Now the destroying rod goes for sciencewww.veneconomia.com November 24, 2014

This destructive jumble of all Venezuelan institutions that gnaws at the country, now lining up its claws against the stronghold of national scientific research: The Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research IVIC.

The IVIC is an autonomous entity that was created on February 9, 1959, in which the most diverse areas of science (biological, medical, physical, mathematical and chemical) have been interrelated in order to seek solutions to dissimilar problems of the population in the areas of genetics and human reproduction, immunology, tropical diseases, ecology and environmental pollution, among others.

An entity that gave rise to other institutions also of scientific importance for the country, such as: IDEA, the Center for Advanced Studies for the training of Venezuelan scientists and other countries in the region at the fourth educational level; Intevep, the technological arm of the Venezuelan oil industry and developer of Orimulsion; the state company Quimbiotec, where the Blood Derivatives Production Plant operates; and the Institute of Engineering.

The “revolutionary” onslaught against the IVIC is supported by the hackneyed populist argument that it “has distanced itself from society” and is masked in an uncontested bill approved in the first discussion by the National Assembly on November 18 and incorporated into the package of decree-laws issued by the presidency on the same date.

To begin, repeat the practice of “renaming and re-founding” to try and erase the history of past accomplishments. According to the new law that would repeal the one published in 2000, the IVIC, will be renamed the Venezuelan Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (IVECIT), attached to the Ministry of the branch, the MITCI.

The name change comes with the imposition that among the “fundamental values” of the new IVECIT is the “construction of socialism”, a la Chávez, an entelechy that does not contemplate the Constitution of the Republic anywhere.

But, what is questionable is not only the change of name or the catchphrase of socialism among the values ​​that will base the IVECIT, but the repeal of the entire legal foundation of the IVIC, to deteriorate it and to negatively impact national scientific events.

First, because it modifies the academic structure of the IVIC and opens the way to its politicization by making the director of the institute freely appointed and removed by the minister on duty of the Science and Technology office, without consulting the Assembly of Researchers of the entity, just as it had been with the current law. To this is added the fact that among the causes for removal of the investigators is included ¨the individual or collective participation in activities or demonstrations that violate the principles enshrined in the Constitution¨, which for the current government is the same as saying that it injures the “Castro-communist revolution” and his Plan for the Homeland. In other words, it would not be surprising if a new type of apartheid was forged, which affected the 20,000 professionals of PDVSA and which has remained a sword of Damocles against the officials of any entity for more than a decade.

Second, because the bill with its 40 articles, two transitory provisions and a final provision, supposedly seeks to “democratize” science, taking it out of the laboratories and putting it at the “service of the people, the liberation and sovereignty of the homeland” for “That the people and the communities permanently build technological elements for the transformation of the country.”

As the statement published by the current IVIC board of directors states, “No one doubts the interest of artisanal technology, nor that the state promotes it. However, it is illusory to think of the great problems that the country faces in the 21st century, full of physics, electronics, computer science, chemistry, etc., they have artisanal solutions ”.

In short, the country that already suffers with a very poor national agri-food production, with a diminished oil production for national development, with a low level of reserves and without foreign exchange, is now able to satisfy the most basic citizen needs that depend on imports, now it is also An area where it was championed for years will be left behind in scientific research.

VenEconomy Editors

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