IVIC deepens research on health

IVIC deepens research on health

July 10, 2014

Among the main projects are nutrition studies, focused on the fortification of foods with minerals such as iron and essential vitamins that prevent health problems related to anemia; research for the accurate diagnosis and adequate treatment of diseases of genetic and innumological origin and the development of rapid tests to detect the use of drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and opiates in urine samples.

Histocompatibility is also studied in patients requiring organ transplantation, in order to determine the similarity between a patient who needs this therapy and their possible donors, as well as genetic profiles are evaluated to identify the response to various drugs with a view to administering treatments. personalized and with the greatest guarantee of success.

Likewise, in the Cell Therapy Unit, belonging to this center, experimental treatments are applied to patients for bone regeneration through stem cell transplantation.

“This approach allows state entities to verify our reality, what we do and the scope of what we can give to help many more patients,” said the head of the Center for Experimental Medicine, Belsy Guerrero.

Through the services provided in this area of ​​the Ivic, at least 500 families are served annually for the specialized diagnosis of genetic diseases and the administration of treatments that improve the quality of life of these individuals. In general, these patients are referred from the National Health System.

Similarly, more than 500 people are counseled a year on experimental stem cell treatment, and most Venezuelans have benefited from the fortification of mass-consumption foods with iron and folic acid.

«The investigations carried out here are deeply useful and closely linked to the National Health Network, because individuals and families are diagnosed, treated, and saved through the work of Venezuelan men and women who passionately put their knowledge to use. service of the country ”, emphasized the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Manuel Fernández, in his visit to the Center for Experimental Medicine of this institution.


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