Iron Maiden uses BitTorrent downloads to find out ...

Iron Maiden uses BitTorrent downloads to find out …

December 26, 2013

Treating BitTorrent downloads as data of interest, Iron Maiden found it interesting that in a region as important as South America the level of downloads was quite high, especially in countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. The group focused on creating tours for the entire region, even recording their concerts to edit a documentary.

This is certainly a way of acknowledging once and for all something that the music industry has refused to see for decades. “Piracy” can help artists. This is the case of the famous group Iron Maiden, which has found a great way to use the “piracy” of their records and songs to their advantage.

The consumption of music via the Internet, especially illegal downloads, have perpetuated the bad reputation of fans who download songs and albums from their favorite bands to listen to them. But if you look at simple numbers and data, what the downloads tell us, especially through BitTorrent, is that there are many fans of a group willing to listen to it. The Iron Maiden group has taken advantage of “illegal” downloads, making millions on tours.

via Iron Maiden uses BitTorrent downloads to find out in which country to give concerts – FayerWayer.

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